Why Study Abroad?

40 Reasons to Study Abroad!

1. For the passport stamps.
2. For the stories.
3. For the authentic recipes.
4. And the local fast food.
5. And the chance to try a foreign menu in McDonald’s.
6. To feel lost and be OK with it.
7. To learn that some winters require a heavier coat than others.
8. And to learn that sometimes, sun cream isn’t optional.
9. So you can eat late, like the Spanish.
10. So you can roll your R’s like the Italians.
11. To question the culture that you were brought up in.
12. To respect the culture that you were brought up in.
13. So you can confidently direct tourists.
14. To experience bureaucracy in a different language.
15. To realize just how much you value your family.
16. And just how much you need your friends.
17. To learn how to make new friends.
18. To wonder how you didn’t know these new friends all your life.
19. To perfect the art of packing a home into two suitcases and a tote bag.
20. So you can say you did.
21. To be thankful for the existence of Skype and FaceTime.
22. To become skilled at sneaking excess luggage onto a plane.
23. To know where you’ve come from.
24. To know where you’re going.
25. To realize that no matter how lonely you are, you can get through this.
26. To see the sun set on the other side of the world.
27. To become adept at bargaining a taxi fare
28. To see the Northern Lights from your bedroom.
29. To see Venice.
30. So you can prove the guidebook right.
31. So you can prove the guidebook wrong.
32. So you can have your own part of a new city.
33. To realize that you don’t need a common language to flirt.
34. To build your photo album for your grandchildren.
35. To fill your journal with memories.
36. To take pride in the moment, and not worry about documenting it.
37. To watch home sports in a different language.
38. To watch new sports and become obsessed.

39. To meet fascinating new people.

40. To realize that people might find you fascinating too.