Day 2!

Checking in for day two of this amazing adventure!

We began our day at the health clinic where we spent the morning acquainting ourselves with the nurses and daily tasks to run the clinic. We had the opportunity to observe patient consultations, take blood pressure, and weigh patients. During time in between patients we folded gauze and filed patient charts. Gloria the nurse took the time to teach us how they chart development in kids and whether or not they are developed to standard for specific ages.

The services Centro De Salud (health clinic) provides are free because the government supplies the clinic. Because of that, however, there are severe limitations on what supplies are ordered and the conditions of the clinic are poor, especially in comparison to US services. The clinic receives less than half of the supplies needed for the community and end up sharing the supplies they do get with other local clinics.

After lunch we then visited 81-year-old Doña Reynelda who practices natural healing within her homes compound. She told us many stories and we each took turns being examined. I apparently have parasites and am really tense, which could be entirely true, but I’m feeling just fine. Don’t worry Mom! Chelsie’s ovaries are swollen, she could tell by touching her stomach and if she heard a sound she knew it was bad. Jordan immunity is down and her colon is inflamed. Helen’s inner shoulder was out of place and Jodi also had a sound coming from her colon.

For dinner we were honored to help Gabriella host 10 doctors and nurses from Nicaragua and had the chance to ask many health questions and concerns we had from our experience in the clinic earlier today. We ended the night with a better understanding on health concerns and improvements needed in Nicaragua. We were not only satisfied by the amazing feast provided by the Equilibrio staff but with the great friendships we have already begun with the doctors and nurses we get to spend the next 8 days with.




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