Financial Support for Study Abroad

There are many options for financial assistance for study abroad. Check with the International Programs Office, they allocate funds on a first come, first served basis. Students can also set up a payment plan with student accounts.  There is also scholarship money for students studying global health. More details on this scholarship coming soon. Students have received support from their family, friends and community through written letters requesting assistance and through GoFundMe or other crowd sourcing websites. Other students were awarded department or college scholarships for the trip. The gift of travel is a gift for a lifetime and many people are happy to help you make your travel and learning dreams come true. Advice from a 2015 Nicaragua student:

Don’t underestimate the kindness of your local community and the Internet community. If you take the initiative to reach out and articulate why you’re seeking help it can’t do anything but help. Websites like GoFundMe gained me additional aid. Ask local business leaders to sponsor your plane ticket; with or without cooperation from other donors.  I found being straight forward with what supplies and fees you will need to pay with donations is vital. Dress formally as you are an ambassador to the University of Idaho and this trip. Do not forget to write a thank you letter/card for your donors after the trip is complete! ”


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